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Welcome to Bodyworks!

The Bodyworks Experience

We are a thriving, private owned fitness club in the county of Humboldt, where we have been crowned the county's best gym for 5 years and running. We offer personal training, speed/biomechanics classes, early morning High Intensity Interval Training and more! Here at Bodyworks our motto is "Building a better you!"

Biomechanics & Speed Training

Our speed class at Bodyworks Fitness focuses on harnessing the principles of biomechanics to enhance athletic performance. Biomechanics is the study of how the body moves and the forces that act upon it. In this class, we delve into the intricate mechanics of human motion, exploring factors such as stride length, ground contact time, joint angles, and force production. 

Complimentary Classes Included

We offer complimentary classes included with a membership. 20 classes a week, 5 days a week, 240 days a year!

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Front Desk
Athletic Department
Calisthenics Area
Main Weight Room Area
Water Fountain/Showers
Front Weights Area
Boxing Area/Kettle Bells & Dumbbells
Crash Pad/Main Weights
Rogue Weights Area
Front Entrance Weights Area Back View
Weight Machines
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